Disability Rights UK responds to CQC State of Health and Social Care Report

The report paints an alarming picture of demand increasing but the number of people supported decreasing, a fragile service provider market, and limited progress in those services found to be in need of improvement.

To this picture must be added what is happening in local authority social care departments (currently not subject to inspection by CQC) where resources are being stretched, budgets are being cut, and restrictions are being placed on how people can meet their support needs.

Every day we hear from disabled people who are no longer receiving any support or who have had their support budgets cut to such an extent that they are imprisoned in their own homes unable to get out and about and socialise in their local community. 

Not only does this state of affairs fly in the face of the Government’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities; it is totally counter-productive. 

Disabled people who receive no support or inadequate support are unable to enjoy family life, go to college or university, to hold down a job, or contribute their talents to their local communities.

Read more: http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2016/october/our-response-cqc-state-care-report

Report: http://collateral.vuelio.uk.com/RemoteStorage/CSCI/Releases/9107/20161011_State%20of%20Care%2015-16_report_final.pdf

Peter Limbrick writes: Caring Activism is relevant to this. It is designed for vulnerable people who get little or no support from anywhere.

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