The 2017 Nicosia Declaration on Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Radiation. November 11, 2017

'16 practical steps to reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless radiation'

Extracts from the website of the Environmental Health Trust: The Cyprus Medical Association, the Vienna Austrian Medical Chamber and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health have signed the Nicosia Declaration on electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation

- and have issued a new position paper and 16 practical steps to reduce exposure to cell phones and wireless radiation. 

The event was under the auspices of his excellency the Minister of Health Dr. George Pamborides and the Commissioner for the Environment Mrs. Ioanna Panayiotou.

The Minister of Health in his greeting expressed his support and in particular to the activities of the NCECH and said that investments on Children’s Health are of utmost importance. He welcomed the cooperation established by the three organizations from Cyprus and Austria.

He said that the Declaration is an important development with specific and quite important targets. Referring to the issue of EMF/RF he mentioned that it is a potential carcinogen 2b and concluded saying that Prevention is the only choice

The President of the Cyprus Medical Association Dr. Petros Agathangelou highlighted that the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, Medical Associations and many other scientists warned that despite scientific controversies the scientific evidence of serious health impacts due to the exponentially growing exposure to, among others, a potential carcinogen radiation (IARC 2011), is strong enough.

“We must apply the Precautionary Principle, the legal limits need to be urgently revised, professionals, decision makers and the public need to be adequately informed about potential health impact and new technologies must be adequately controlled for their potential health impact.”

Finally, he stressed, that it is urgent to minimize the exposure.

The signing of the Nicosia Declaration is a milestone of international importance and very significant for Cyprus, which is contributing substantially to international efforts for understanding potential health impacts from EMF/RF, raising awareness and most importantly in taking effective measures to minimize the risks of the developing technology.

The Common Position Paper specifies scientifically evidence based positions and recommendations in how to deal with this serious and complicated Health issue. An issue with wide range implications because of serious risks affecting in particular all children, the new generations but also the entire population.

The main issues raised in the Declaration can be seen in the full article here:

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