Electro-sensitive man successfully sues his employer for failing to protect him from electromagnetic radiation. French justices show us all the future!

masts80My understanding is that UK organisations cannot take out insurance cover for this



Peter Limbrick writes: In France an employee has sued his employer for not having taken on board his electro-sensitive condition which was diagnosed in 2011. The employer’s failure to protect him led to illness recognised as ‘an accident at work’.

The newspaper report of this also highlights that nowadays there is enough information to carry out protection procedures to reduce people’s contact with electromagnetic radiation at home and at work when they show signs of electro-sensitivity.

It is only a matter of time before such cases come to courts in the UK. People who might then be sued, in addition to employers, include any organisations that expose children and adults to this radiation, for example nurseries, schools, colleges and charities. My understanding is that these UK organisations cannot take out insurance cover for this.

This news item came from http://www.priartem.fr/spip.php?page=sommaire

And the news article can be seen here: https://www.lemonde.fr/sante/article/2018/10/10/electrosensibilite-un-homme-reconnu-victime-d-accident-du-travail-pour-la-premiere-fois_5367403_1651302.html

This is very important issue for UK organisations. Head teachers, charity CEOs, etc would do well to organise proper translations of the French links above rather than relying on my summary.