OneSky: Early Childhood Education in Mongolia

CEI80By Maya Bowen, Global Programs Coordinator, OneSky for all children

"Due to mass migration and urbanization, the population in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, has increased exponentially.

"With this rise in population has come a growing number of families in desperate need of child care services. Understanding the need for quality child care, the Mongolian government collaborated with OneSky for all children (OneSky) to support the training of nursery workers and bring our proven OneSky Approach to one of the three state-run nurseries in Ulaanbaatar, with the goal of helping at-risk children.

"My mother, Jenny Bowen, founded OneSky over 20 years ago after she adopted me and saw the effect that quality care can have on children who had disadvantaged beginnings. Since then, OneSky’s impact on children’s lives has inspired me to step up, give back, and take part in the change. I am currently working at OneSky as the Global Programs Coordinator, supporting the quality of our programs by developing training material, researching, writing, and conducting evaluations. In October 2018, I accompanied our training team to Ulaanbaatar to set up our first pilot project in one of the three state-run nurseries. While half of our team began the first round of training, I assisted the other half of the team in conducting classroom observations to collect baseline data before intervention..."

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