Nurturing the Seed: A Framework for Nurturing Guides, December 2016, Toronto, Canada – about indigenous infants

Many people play a role in supporting Indigenous infants, children and families in their life journeys. Indigenous communities sometimes refer to these helpers as nurturing guides.

In order for western oriented practitioners to engage with, and develop meaningful and effective infant mental health support, treatment plans and research, they must first understand Indigenous worldviews, and then incorporate Indigenous child rearing practices into their relationship building approaches to working with Indigenous families. Further, Indigenous peoples must continue to come together and share knowledge around child rearing and mental health and wellness practices.


Nurturing the Autumn Seed is a resource intended to recognize and honor these differing worldviews and create a platform to share valuable cultural knowledge specifically relating to promoting infant mental health.

It can serve as a starting point for engaging with and working with Indigenous families towards developing respectful and effective Developmental Support Plans for Indigenous infants, children and families.

This workshop is intended help nurturing guides—people who respectfully engage with and support Indigenous families—to use Indigenous ways of knowing and doing to promote infant and child wellness and development.


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