Brain – Child – Partners conference. November 2017 in Toronto Canada. CALL FOR PAPERS

  The CHILD-BRIGHT and Kids Brain Health networks invite you -

Whether you are a researcher, youth, family member, health professional, educator, policymaker or someone interested in partnering to advance research in brain-based disabilities, this conference is for you!

Neurological conditions affect an estimated 3.6 million Canadians. Of these, as many as 850,000 are children who face life-long challenges with mobility, language, learning, socialization, and/or self-care that will impact their quality of life and create special challenges for the families of these children. 

Our conference gathers all stakeholders touched by childhood neurological disabilities and, under the theme of ‘Reciprocity’, we will listen, collaborate, exchange, and positively impact each other’s work. We share a common goal: improving health outcomes for Canadian children at risk or impacted by brain-based disorders. Together, we can promote a better health care system, better health outcomes, and also promote the transformative impact of brain and child health research in Canada.  




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