The Social Brain – 15th June 2019. Conference in Daventry, UK

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PTUK’s 2019 Conference plenary day is open to all concerned with children’s minds. It is centred around the ground-breaking work of Professor Louis Cozolino of Pepperdine University Los Angeles, on the evolution of the human mind into a social organ and how individual minds adjust, communicate and regulate one another. 

 “Certain situations call for higher levels of authoritarian control while others are better served by a more collaborative and reflective approach. It is my belief that the neurodynamics and psychodynamics provide for the best chance to assess, evaluate, and implement the type of leadership required across situations and circumstances.”

- (L. Cozolino, personal communication, September 28, 2018).

Professor Louis Cozolino is author of ‘The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment and the developing social brain’ and several other books on similar subjects.

Staverton Estate, Daventry, Northants

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