Professor Luisella Magnani has sent TAC Bulletin readers her recent Poster

POSTERS‘It’s living and loving the Baby in his There-Being’

Two extracts:


1. If Paediatric Palliative Care is a Celebration of Life (Ehospice, 19th October 2017), even if that Celebration lasts few years, few days or even few hours, it’s universally urgent that the Baby in the womb to whom a delicate condition has been diagnosed ‘takes extra care to respect his right to life and dignity (Peter Limbrick et al. – International Guide – Are you worried about your child? – 2018 Team Around the Child, TAC). As Babies in the womb are ‘conscious, sentient Beings’ (Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH 2016), they deserve all the best approaches in order to create Always a special communication with them above all when they have special needs, above all when a Syndrome is diagnosed.

2. The application of the 12 Guiding Principles of Prenatality and Perinatality, , (Wendy Anne McCarty & Marti Glenn, 2017) is the creation of a New urgent Atmosphere for Babies in the womb.

Full poster: