“My child is getting a gastrostomy feeding tube” - VIDEOS

button80This video shows the explanation from the...consultant, the nurse specialist and dietician about children needing a gastrostomy feeding tube.

The mum and paediatric feeding team talk about the surgery, the different types of feeding tubes and bolus gravity feeding and continuous pump feeding.

When mum and Rocco return 3 months later they tell us what a difference the gastrostomy has made to their lives.


In this video, the community nurse shows Murray's mum how to look after his gastrostomy feeding tube.

-  Cleaning the gastrostomy, replacing the water in the balloon, giving a bolus feed and changing the gastrostomy button.

The video includes helpful tips about taking a spare button to school, what to do when the button falls out or when you don't get the same amount of water out of the balloon when replacing the water.


From What? Why? Children in Hospital

share your information  Cartoon © Martina Jirankova-Limbrick 2011