Integration in action

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There are two sections:

1. Integration in service provision to people in need. (Below)

2. Integration in teaching and research in colleges and universities. (Scroll down)


Integration in service provision to support people in need

Please send us your examples of integration between any elements of health, education and social care that is an antidote to fragmentation. This might involve practitioners, service users and managers. It might be a working project or a plan.

Community Health Workers (CHWs) based in schools. Michigan, USA. With responsibility for conducting health assessments, helping the uninsured enrol for health care coverage, providing resources and referral services, and educating students, parents, caregivers and neighborhood residents about health issues. Web:

Co-production: This describes partnership and joint working between public services and the people who use them. Central to the concept is the belief that service users must have some significant control over how public services are designed and managed. For example:

See: Boyle, D. & Harris, M. (2009)

EDUCO: This is a non government organisation in Zlin, Czech Republic. It provides early child and family support to families whose child has special needs. Each family is offered a counsellor whose function approximates to the UK keyworker model. This is a whole approach integrating health, education and family support. Web:

[The] Partnership Initiative in Nursing and Social Services: Practical collaboration in services for older people described by Mark Lymbery, Associate Professor in Social Work, School of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Nottingham, UK. Web:  


Integration in teaching and research in colleges and universities

Please send us your examples of academic integration. This might include:
    • Classes or courses that bring together health, education and social work students
    • Courses that prepare students for integrated working after graduation
    • Research projects in which health, education and social care academics collaborate with each other
    • Research projects that investigate the subject of integration in service provision

Practitioners and managers will find integration less problematic if they are prepared for it in their training.

May 2020: No examples offered yet.

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