I CAN’s response to The Lost Boys Report - UK

ican80In response to The Lost Boys, a report by Save the Children on the language development and literacy of five year olds in the UK, Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of I CAN said:

‘I CAN is appalled by the realities of this report, which details the number of boys falling behind in their early language skills; absolutely crucial skills for later academic, social, emotional development – and to their wider life chances.

‘Shockingly, boys are nearly twice as likely to be behind in early language and communication skills than girls at the very beginning of primary school, an unacceptable fact given the essential role these skills play in the academic success of our children. This means that four boys in every Reception class are lacking the language skills they need for learning; many unable to speak in a full sentence.

‘Much more focus is needed to make sure that all children have the necessary language skills for learning, making friends and joining in with school life. A high quality workforce is one that understands the crucial nature of early language skills, and has the knowledge and skills to ensure that children are given the best life chances by developing these which we know are fundamental for later success.’


Read The Lost Boys Report: http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/resources/online-library/lost-boys

I CAN is the children’s communication charity –


www.talkingpoint.org.uk .

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