How EMFs Cause Effects: Quick Guide for Health Advocates and Professionals (and parents!)

pool80lWhether you're a doctor or an advocate for your family, this concise 9-page guide by Nicolas Pineault offers a foundation of EMF knowledge


Nick Pineault writes: Do you have clients who ask you about EMFs and you’re not sure what to tell them? I’ve been in your shoes... as an investigative health journalist it took me almost 3 years before I even started grasping this complicated topic, where credible and scientific information is often drowned in conspiracy-theory-looking nonsense.

My goal with this easy cheat sheet is to help you skip thousands of research hours and learn the foundational information every health practitioner in the world needs to know about how this new “electrosmog” affects his or her patients/clients.


Doctors Agree: EMF-related Symptoms Are Extremely Easy To Miss

EMF-related symptoms are extremely easy to miss, mainly because they tend to vary in a non-linear way that’s counterintuitive. As Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University in Ontario explains, some individuals are known to react to specific sources of EMFs, such as cell phones, or utility “smart” meters.

Other individuals cannot tolerate high levels of magnetic fields one would be exposed to when living near high voltage power lines. Some react to acute exposures (standing next to a wifi router), while some react over time — and might become symptomatic after spending a few hours to a few weeks in a high-EMF city environment.

The symptoms also tend to vary depending on individual genetics, morphology, current state of health, mitochondrial status, heavy metal load and a lot of other factors.

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