Slovenia stops 5G due to health concerns

5G seems to be the cause of much anxiety in this country and others (Ed)

The country of Slovenia has postponed the approval of spectrum to support 5G services until the effects of the technology on humans and the environment are investigated. Slovenia's Minister of Administration, Rudy Medved, told the Slovenian media, "Questions about the harmfulness of 5G technology are legitimate." Translate and read the news report here.

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Slovenia government delays decision on 5G licences

The government of Slovenia has removed from its agenda the strategy on allocation of 5G spectrum, prepared by the Regulatory Agency for Communications Networks and Services (Akos). According to news agency Tanjung, this was done at the suggestion of the Minister of Public Administration, Rudy Medved, who told Slovenian media that questions about the harmfulness of 5G technology were legitimate. The debate on the 5G spectrum award has been delayed, pending further research into the effects of 5G on humans and the environment, the report said.


Peter Limbrick writes:

This is valid news as far as I can see, but I have given two different sources to help readers.

Also, the Independent reported a debate about concerns of links between 5G radiation and Corvid-19:

"Before the coronavirus outbreak even began, 5G was being blamed for everything from cancer to infertility. The viral conspiracy theories typically only infected the usual tin-foil hat corners of the internet, but they have recently spread to the real world.

"Mixing unfounded 5G fears with the panic brought about by a global pandemic has seen people set telecom towers on fire and harass broadband workers in the street.

"Some posts on social media claim that 5G's alleged impact is just the latest in a string of electromagnetic wave-induced pandemics. It links the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 with the roll-out of 4G, an influenza epidemic in 1998 with 3G, and even goes as far back to claim, "the introduction of radio waves caused the Spanish Flu of 1918"..."

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Added to this is the uncertainty in UK government about whether Huawei’s involvement in 5G in the UK is a security risk.

5G seems to be the cause of much anxiety in this country and others.

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