Childhood Education International collaborates on Brief that explores how play can address trauma (in the early years)

Half of the world’s 2 billion children have experienced one or more types of serious trauma

Childhood Education International and the Bay Area Early Childhood Funders have developed a brief that addresses how play can be a powerful tool for helping children cope with and heal from trauma.

“The Power of Play for Addressing Trauma in the Early Years,” now available on our website, explores how play can be a helpful process for the 1 billion children who have suffered some form of serious trauma. 

Some of the ideas outlined in the brief include: 

  • Create opportunities for young children to communicate their fears and express their big feelings in constructive ways.
  • Support children in releasing the extra energy charge that accumulates in their bodies after a stressful or traumatic experience.
  • Teach infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children social-emotional skills through play.

Read the brief here

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