Being very apprehensive of any rushed ‘outside-the-law’ vaccine

I see three great dangers: viruses and bacteria (as always), chaotic and cruel lockdowns, outside-the-law vaccines

Editorial: Every medicine and surgical procedure comes with risks of disease or death. We have to take this as a fact of life whether we are taking anti-depressants or having an appendectomy. This fact of life also applies to vaccines. There is no 100% guarantee of safety.

This is why the government in my country and perhaps in yours stands (until now) ready to compensate for vaccine damage. Dr Elizabeth Evans tells us:

"In the UK we have a Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme run by the government to compensate people damaged by vaccines - an admission that they are not 100% safe - which has paid out millions of pounds to victims of vaccinations over the last 20 years."

This is also why Interconnections commissioned the dramatic cartoon for TAC Bulletin 274.

In its rush to vaccinate all of us against Covid 19 the UK has opted to put the vaccine outside the law. There will be no compensation scheme. Also, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and healthcare workers administering the Covid vaccine will all have immunity from liability for damage or deaths caused. Dr Evans tells us:

" appears that the only risk will be shouldered by the public...This is unacceptable as their lives could be negatively impacted permanently if death/injury occur to them or their children, as a side-effect from the vaccine."

When we know there is risk of danger or death in any activity we should do our best to learn how great the risk is. If it is very small, we might decide it is acceptable. When the risk is not small we should reconsider if it is worth taking.

As a parent and teacher I have always approved of vaccines that I have felt were safe enough to take the risk and in this I have taken guidance, as many of us do, from medical science and government programmes. But when a government protects itself and pharmaceutical companies from legal action then I know the risk this rushed vaccine carries must be very great indeed.

There is much to worry about with this rushed vaccine in addition to no compensation being available and its being put outside the law:

  • Very many people will opt for it because of the fear that has been created by governments – a level of fear that is perhaps not justified by the actual danger.
  • Being quick off the mark in executing a vaccine programme will bring popularity and votes for the governing party. We should be wary of the rush.
  • Vaccinating millions of people is a gold mine for the pharmaceutical industry. Can we be sure they will not cut corners as they rush the vaccine out? What is their ethical base?
  • Dr Evans has concerns that the rushed vaccine will be advertised to the public without proper information. She says -

"I am uneasy with the idea of adverting being allowed for this product. Advertising is by nature marketing, not science, and rarely gives a balanced view of risks and benefits. Given that a Covid vaccine would essentially still be an experimental vaccine when released on the population, there should be no pressure put on any member of the public to have the vaccine or any restrictions put on people who choose not to accept the risk of a  vaccine who's long term side effects will be completely unknown and untested (infertility, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, cancers etc are all possible and documented long-term effects from vaccines)."

Lastly, a picture is emerging that lockdowns were a panic measure and have caused and are still causing more damage than the virus. There is damage to mental health, education, employment, personal and national finances, secure housing and health services at a nightmarish scale that I can hardly contemplate. In my view, this is all partly caused by government hysteria and incompetence. Its response to Covid 19 is bringing the country to its knees and opposition parties have no remedy.

The whole country should take a deep breath before being similarly panicked into a vaccine programme. We must all weigh the odds before accepting a rushed outside-the-law vaccine for our loved ones and ourselves.

Please read this full account of Dr Evans' misgivings.


Note: After writing this piece I watched this video in which Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaks on these themes in a whole-world context with more authority and power than I can. Click here to watch 'Starting Litigation For Crimes Against Humanity'. He shows how world populations are being deliberatly driven to panic.

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