Children in 2021

Editorial: The food box in the cartoon refers to a UK scandal in which the government was condemned for giving inadequate food boxes to children in poverty. See:

'What am I supposed to make with this!' Parents on schools' meagre food parcels

But the bigger picture is of very meagre provision and opportunities for children all around the world in 2021. These include:

  • Because of increased unemployment there will be increased numbers of children in poverty, hungry, homeless...
  • More children will be pulled out of school and perhaps forced into marriage.
  • Climate change and the ensuing extreme weather will continue to destroy family homes and communities.
  • Increased demand for electric car batteries and smartphones will force more children into mines for precious metals and child labour will increase generally to satisfy markets in the West.
  • The trend for increased numbers of children displaced from their homes/countries by conflict will continue.

I am not sure whether the world is increasing or decreasing its potential for protecting children. I suspect the latter. What is the situation in your country?

This film gives a version of the future for our children. See how much of it you agree with.