Owen’s odyssey: A year and a half after an autism diagnosis. By Lydia Denworth

This is part 2 of Owen’s story. It tracks his early progress in treatment for autism. Part 1 described his difficult path to a diagnosis

From Spectrum website:

“On a sunny morning in late August, 4-year-old Owen Couture, who has autism, sat on the floor of his family’s living room. “How many activities do you want? Three or four?” asked Megan Ricci, a behavior technician with Prism Autism Center, a school-like medical facility near Owen’s home in Cheshire, Connecticut.

“They settled on three and laid them out on the floor, each marked with a number: 1) a set of tangrams, 2) a puzzle of a train, 3) a snap-together cardboard fort just the right size for Owen to hide in. Owen’s favorite was the fort, which he called “boxes.” If he worked through the activities in order and on his own, without getting distracted, playing in the fort for a few minutes would be his reward, Ricci explained....”

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