30 articles about supporting individuals with autism and other special needs

From May Institute (US)

From May Institute: ‘The following 30 articles offered by May Institute are written in accessible and practical language by dozens of the organization’s clinical experts.

‘In addition to providing important information on a range of topics from diagnosing infants and toddlers to caring for elders, many of these articles offer advice and strategies to help families and guardians support and empower their loved ones as they navigate the changes and challenges that have resulted from COVID-19.’

  1. Reemerging After Another COVID-19 Winter
  2. Making Life Changes Takes Courage and Commitment
  3. Adopting a Pet During a Pandemic
  4. Teaching a Child with Autism How to Wear a Mask
  5. Preparing Students to Return to School with New COVID-19 Precautions
  6. Adults with ASD Coping with COVID-19
  7. Get the Facts About ASD
  8. The Unplanned Stress that Accompanies an Autism Diagnosis
  9. Addressing Problem Behaviors at Home During COVID-19
  10. Tips and Resources for Better Days
  11. Consistency is Comforting in Challenging Times
  12. Is Your Family Ready to Return to the Community?
  13. Anxiety Disorders in Adults with ID
  14. Internet Safety for Children with Autism
  15. Teaching a Child with Autism to Read
  16. Graduating into the World of Adult Services
  17. Can Medications be Helpful for Children with Autism?
  18. Moving to a Group Home: A Big Decision
  19. Helping Adults with ID Develop Problem-solving Skills
  20. Making Medical Appointments Easier
  21. Celebrating the Special Qualities of Individuals with ASD
  22. What the Autism Community Needs from You
  23. What is Imitation and Why is it Important?
  24. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Time Out
  25. Helping Adults with ID Prepare Meals
  26. Setting Reasonable Expectations for Siblings
  27. LGBTQ+ Adults with ID Need Supportive Caregivers
  28. Getting Picky Eaters to Try New Foods
  29. Aging Adults with ID Benefit from ABA
  30. Strategies to Reduce Problematic Behavior in the Summer

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