From Equals: Equals is extremely pleased to announce the availability of the first four Schemes of Work within its brand new Semi-Formal Curriculum specifically designed and written for learners of all ages with severe learning difficulties. These first four completed schemes cover My Communication, My Play and Leisure, My Independence and My Thinking and Problem Solving.

The aims of the Schemes of Work project have been

·        to build on the collaborative work of Penny Lacey and Swiss Cottage School;

·        to write outstanding practice schemes of work for non National Curriculum ‘areas of learning’;

·        to involve outstanding teachers in good and outstanding schools throughout England and Wales;

·        to produce schemes of work that are available to all schools on a cost recovery (not for profit) basis through the Equals website;

·        to share best practice within a broad band of stakeholders, including both the DfE and Ofsted.


The general principles governing the schemes of work are that they

·        are developmental in nature and open to personalisation - they start at the beginning of the individual pupil’s learning journey and aim for the highest level of independence possible;

·        cover all stages of education from 2 to 25 (and beyond) but are not directly related to either age or key stage. Learners fit into them where they will according to their individual abilities, interests and learning journey;

·        are not related to the National Curriculum, though the common language of the P scales is occasionally used for ease of understanding.

Please go to the Equals website at www.equals.co.uk for more information and free sample downloads