ISAPIN network – about integration of health, education and social care around people in need. Started in April 2020. Is it for you?

This new world network is for people who are passionate about integrated support / joint working around people of any age who have special needs of some sort. The network can include:

  • people who have special needs
  • the people around them (family, friends, keyworkers, advocates)
  • professionals who provide services (in public, voluntary and private organisations)
  • academics in colleges and universities
  • people in campaigns and support groups.

In ISAPIN network:

  • we can share ideas, frustrations and aspirations
  • we can exchange information about projects and systems
  • we can tell each other about publications, reports and research
  • academics and service providers can learn from each other.

We can work together so that ISAPIN network becomes a dynamic resource and tool to promote integration in any country.

ISAPIN Resource Bank: ISAPIN resources are collected here

Do you want to join? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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