Free online series from Geneva Centre for Autism: Introduction to Autism


The Training Institute of Geneva Centre for Autism was created in 1991 to address the need for wider public awareness and education on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

For twenty-four years the Training Institute has been a world leader in providing cutting edge training and education to professionals and families supporting individuals with an ASD.

The Training Institute has prided itself on the ability to adapt and evolve as mandated by research and changes in the field.

The Introduction to Autism series covers:


· Characteristics of Autism

· What is Applied Behaviour Analysis

· Using Reinforcement

· Functions of Behaviour

· Communication Strengths and Challenges

· Understanding Sensory Needs

· Understanding Social Challenges in Children and Adolescents

· Learning Styles

· Using Visual Supports

· Understanding Stress and ASD

· Paying Attention to Transitions and Transition Planning

· Promoting Independence for Community Inclusion

· Enhancing Coordination and Collaboration between Families, Schools, and Community Partners in the  Service Delivery of ABA-Based Services

· Certificate: Introduction to Autism: Free Online Series for Educators





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