New resource – The health of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

In 2015 over one million people arrived in Europe by sea, mostly originating from Syria. In the same year 3,771 people went missing or died attempting to reach safety in Europe.

In 2016 people continue to make the hazardous journey across the sea and at the beginning of February 67,072 people made it across, while 357 were reported dead or missing.

Evidence Aid has worked with others to provide accessible information on the particular health issues that impact this population most.

We have identified country guidelines and brought them together on a single page and will continue our work with the collaborative to identify relevant systematic reviews for the following conditions:

- Common Mental Health Disorders (including PTSD and depression),

- Vaccine Preventable Diseases,

- Skin conditions (including Impetigo, Scabies and Cellulitis),

- Tuberculosis,

- and Sexual and Physical Violence.

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