Poems, prose poems and imagined conversations

By Peter Limbrick

Published by Interconnections in 2021

164 pages, paperback. ISBN: 9780957660182

From the back cover:




Are you sentimental about whales?

If one knocks on your door,

will you invite it in for tea?

Will you say,

‘Sorry about the plastic, Dear. I hope it

isn’t upsetting your tummy too much’?

If an ant crawls across the tablecloth

heading for the cake, will you squash it

and hope your guest does not notice?


'Some of these poems date back to a time when Peter Limbrick was living in a Buddhist community while working in nearby cities to support families who had a baby with brain damage. Other poems date back further to a time when Peter was part of a UK movement working to close inhuman institutions that housed children and adults who could not conform to society’s expectations. Peter lives on the England-Wales border near Hay-on-Wye.'



Proceeds from the sale of this book will support Interconnections efforts to improve support for families whose baby or young child has disabilities and special needs.

Some of these poems have been published in elsewhere, for example in Scintilla.


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