Horizontalism: Voices of popular power in Argentina.

hismAre you fighting for change? Are you losing faith in your politicians? This book might be just what you need.

Horizontalism: Voices of popular power in Argentina.

Edited by Marina Sitriin

AK Press, 2006.

Michael Hardt, co-author of Empire:

'The movements in Argentina have been among the most creative and inspirational in recent years. Marina Sitrin's collection allows us to learn from the activists themselves and continue the experiments in autonomy and democracy they have begun.'

Marie Kennedy, co-editor of Radical Politics of Place in America and Chris Tilly, co-author of Glass ceilings and Bottomless Pits:

'These are the voices of Argentina's grassroots activists, captured amidst the most important burst of democratic innovation the world has seen in the last decade. Listen, and learn how to make history from the bottom up!'

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