ShonaquipSE Compass Impact Report. This work in S. Africa is driven by commitment to children and families. It can be a guide for many countries

‘We recognise the combined power of changing behavior and influencing systems by focusing on the quality of practice’

From their website:

Welcome to our Annual Impact Report: April 2021 – March 2022!

Through our work during the past year, we embraced the perspectives of families, persons with disabilities, and assistive technology users. Our goal remains to debate and galvanise action for improved access to quality assistive technology and support services and to reflect on the critical areas needing innovation. For this to happen, the SSE views systems change through an ecosystemic lens as vital.

As an SSE, we believe that building ecosystems that support inclusion will result in children with disabilities and their families being equipped with knowledge and tools to make informed choices and develop agency to action these. We believe this may be key to them experiencing equal and meaningful participation in a supportive and enabling environment.

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