TAC Bulletin Update – Issue Number 219 – April 2018

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Wi-fi – a high level threat to our children. Deep concerns from multiple wi-fi studies

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ECI / early support / portage: Is it ‘medical’, ‘educational’ or ‘family’? ECI without Tears seminars in Liverpool, Wakefield and Exeter - UK

Improving the well-being of young children with learning disabilities: A Parents Guide

My Brain and Me. Six films

Even if the UK leaves Europe, it still needs to get its children out of institutions. Opening Doors shows how

The orphanage industry: Flourishing when it should be dying. Article in Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care

Report: Implementing Multi-Sectoral Healthy Child Development Initiatives

Building the Core Skills Youth Need for Life: A Guide for Education and Social Service Practitioners

This Canadian job advert is worth reading because of the wonderful approach it describes. Could it work in your country?

Together for Short Lives (TfSL) has set out a five-year strategy to improve children’s palliative across the UK


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