Have you been told that your child is too young to have a continence assessment?

‘health authorities shouldn’t make children wait until they reach a certain age…’

From Cerebra website (UK):

Has your local continence team told you that your child isn’t old enough to have a continence assessment? Our new template letter could help you to make a complaint.

Our Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving (LEaP) Project helps families who are struggling to get the support they need from health or social care services. We recently heard from a parent who had been told that her 4 year old son, who has autism and complex epilepsy, wouldn’t be able to get a continence assessment until he turned 5.  

We wrote a template letter to help the family make a complaint to the local health authority. We quoted some of the relevant guidance, which makes it clear that health authorities shouldn’t make children wait until they reach a certain age before they get a continence assessment.

We’ve uploaded the template letter so that other families who might find themselves in a similar situation can use it to make a complaint. We have separate versions of the letter for England and Wales.


Go to website: https://www.cerebra.org.uk/practical-help/have-you-been-told-that-your-child-is-too-young-to-have-a-continence-assessment/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=march19

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