International Guide

International Guide, ‘Are you worried about your child?’ to support families of children with complex needs and the professionals who care for them.

This comes a PDF free to download and use.

An international group has written this guide in the form of letters to parents and professionals to introduce key experiences faced by many families in this situation and to highlight their needs.

The Guide offers antidotes to excessive stress and strain in children and families. It also focuses on attachment between children, parents and other family members.


When a baby is identified as having disabilities or complex and long-term health conditions their parents experience a range of distressing emotions which can include trauma. They may be told that their child will not achieve any independent skills or even that their child's life is in danger. However empathic the health professionals who deliver this news it still comes as a shock and can be catastrophic. 

From this point family life is over-turned, it impacts on the close and extended family, often breaking natural support systems. Parents can feel helpless and hopeless which may impact on the bond between themselves and their baby. Most of all they often feel isolated, particularly when they do not know of anyone else who is in the same situation...

- Anne Emerson, Associate Professor in Special Needs Education, University of Nottingham, UK



Guide full cover200To download the Guide: International Guide ‘Are you worried about your child?’ to support families of children with complex needs…. Launched now - as a PDF free to download and use

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