Bowel & Bladder Continence

We take the issue of bowel and bladder continence very seriously at Interconnections. Our long experience tells us it is a serious issue for families of children and teenagers who have some sort of disability or special needs.

Incontinence is socially isolating, it gets in the way of learning and leisure activity and it wastes a lot of money. In very many cases, incontinence of bowel or bladder persists because no one offers effective help.

We support the people who work in schools, centres, clinics, care homes and other services so that they can help children, teenagers and their families.  

Our continence consultant and trainer is Charmaine Champ. She is a Registered Nurse in Learning Disabilities (RNLD Diploma in Health and Social Work), with a BSc (Hons) Community Nurse Specialist Practice Degree.

Charmaine has over twenty years’ experience in supporting adults and children who have a learning disability, physical disability, autism, complex needs or special educational needs to achieve toileting success.

How can Charmaine Champ help you?

The following support is available in the UK and other countries:

 Training Workshop

 Charmaine can deliver a 2-day in-house training course at your venue. This will give you:

 - Confidence that children can acquire control of bowel and bladder

 - An understanding of continence of bowel and bladder

 - An awareness of continence difficulties facing children with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, autism and complex needs

 - An understanding of what is really meant by being ‘continence ready’ or ‘toilet training ready’

 - Skills in using a monitoring tool

 - An understanding of the common bowel and bladder toilet training approaches and skills in deciding which to use

 - An awareness of how to individualise continence advice and management options

 - An understanding of a Team Around the Child approach to continence training with effective professional – parent/carer relationships, being child and family-centred and promoting necessary teamwork.

  Assessment course

 Charmaine can deliver a 1-day in-house training course at your venue focused on assessment of bowel and bladder incontinence. This will teach you to use her Bowel & Bladder Assessment Pack (which will be available for delegates to buy).


 Charmaine can visit you for a day’s discussion to help you think through how you can enhance the continence support you offer to children and teenagers in your care.



 These costs exclude expenses and are approximate within the UK. Please apply for costs if you are outside the UK.

 2-day training workshop for up to 20 delegates: £1,000

 1-day course on assessment for up to 20 delegates: £750

 1-day consultancy discussion for your team: £650

 Please get in touch to discuss your needs – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Publications - Charmaine Champ has published two new books about continence:

‘Bowel & Bladder Assessment Pack’ – a guide for professionals

‘Bobby can use the toilet’ – a social story to use with children


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