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Interconnections was established in 1995 in the UK by Peter Limbrick to support families,  practitioners and managers in their care for babies and young children who have significant challenges to their development and learning.



The central theme of Interconnections is teamwork in which interventions are integrated to cater for the whole child and family.

Some years ago Peter developed the internationally recognised Team Around the Child (TAC) approach as a main component of effective early child and family support.



On this website you will find information about:


TAC for babies and children and their families

Training & support for people caring for babies and pre-school children with very special needs

Caring Activism - to support vulnerable for people of any age

Books written by Peter Limbrick during the last twenty years

TAC Bulletin - our twice-a-month free international news mail out - free to subscribe

Our free online International News Service. Please send us your news

A free World Guide to support families and their professionals - in many languages

Sleep training for professionals who support sleep-deprived families

Essays and other writing by Peter Limbrick


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