Early Support For Children With Complex Needs



Early Support for Children with Complex Needs: Team Around the Child and the Multi-Agency Keyworker

Written and edited by Peter Limbrick

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ISBN 0-9540976 2-9

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In traditional approaches to children with complex needs practitioners have worked separately, providing many families with a fragmented service. This manual addresses how to join these services together and argues that effective early support can only be achieved if key practitioners take time to establish better working relationships with parents and with each other. The author has designed the family-centred Team-Around-the-Child model (TAC) as a structure for this close collaboration and offers here an account of its philosophy, principles, outcomes and management.

Each child’s TAC has a Team Leader who functions as the family’s multi-agency Keyworker with a task list which is purposely limited to prevent overload. In this way, successful TAC projects have been established with only modest additional resources. The author presents a vision of effective early support for all families who have a child with complex needs and suggests that this is dependent on a significant increase in resources. TAC principles and practice have been adopted by many health trusts and councils. This manual provides first-hand accounts of three TAC projects and parents’ comments from a fourth.

PART I: Effective early support

  • Introduction
  • Early Support
  • TAC: Family-centred early support
  • The main practical outcomes of TAC
  • The TAC Team Leader as multi-agency Keyworker
  • The management of multi-agency support

PART II: TAC in action

  • Wolverhampton Keyworking Pilot Project
  • Halton Team Around the Child
  • Walsall Child Development Service
  • Essex Holistic Planning Model

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