TAC for the 21st Century


TAC for the 21st Century

Nine Essays on Team Around the Child

Written and edited by Peter Limbrick

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The TAC system offers opportunities to radically re-appraise how practitioners use time and resources in pursuit of effective support for the increasing population of infants who have multifaceted conditions and disabilities. Accepted as good practice in several countries, the system outlined in TAC for the 21st Century will inform and inspire managers, practitioners and families in the struggle to match limited resources to increasing needs.

The nine TAC essays, written over the last eight years and published in various places, show the evolution of TAC philosophy from its foundation at the start of the decade to the present day. TAC began as a straightforward approach to multi-disciplinary joint working and has become the vehicle for genuine child- and family-centred support.

The Nine Essays:

  1. The Foundations of Team Around the Child
  2. Keyworkers are an essential part of a quality service for families. So why do most families not have one? Is Team Around the Child part of the solution?
  3. Principles and practices that define Team Around the Child
  4. Team Around the Child – Helping to Keep Families Strong
  5. Integrated Programmes and the Primary Interventionist in Early Childhood Intervention
  6. Team Around the Child: The small collaborative team in early childhood intervention for children and families who require ongoing multiple interventions
  7. The Team Around the Child approach for assessment of needs within a local multi-agency integrated pathway
  8. Team Around the Child in Early Support – being genuinely child and family centred
  9. TAC for the 21st Century: A unifying theory about children who have multifaceted disabilities

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