'Our vision is to ensure that young children with developmental delays or disabilities will achieve their full potential'

From ECDtf website: We promote multi-sectoral and cross-sectoral policies, programs, and practices in all nations. We aim to establish and expand high quality inclusive services for early childhood intervention in natural and community-based environments. We foster the inclusion and equitable participation of young children and families in social protection, education, health and nutrition, and emergency situations.

Early Childhood Development task force (ECDtf) for Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd) aims to galvanize and coordinate global and national efforts towards inclusive development with a focus on children with disabilities.

Who we are

We are 200+ volunteer professionals and family members affiliated with over 110 organizations and hailing from 78 countries across nine regions of the globe. We serve as a network hub for an orchestrated ECD-ECI voice within the Global Partnership on children with disabilities (GPcwd).

We work in concert with kindred initiatives focused on the inclusion of young children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families in emergent global and regional development agendas and priorities (e.g., Sustainable Development Goals; strategic plans of organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, GPE, IYCG, ECDAN, etc.).

We “connect-the-dots” between the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) with advocacy for an inclusive approach to early childhood development.

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