Child Compass 2030: Shaping a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children

-- a comprehensive, integrated and long-term strategy to develop appropriate 21st century policies to support both children and their families --

From COFACE Families Europe, “Child Compass 2030: For a Europe which invests in shaping a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children” bringing a family perspective to policy-making based on the interrelated well-being of children and of their parents.

From their website: ‘All children are entitled to a healthy and fair start. To ensure this, we need an approach looking at their interlinked surroundings of influence in a holistic way. COFACE Families Europe endorses this approach, highlighting it in detail in its Child Compass 2030 and calls on the European institutions to invest in child well-being and to shape a healthy society, environment and economy fit for children.

‘Putting the well-being and development of children at the centre by no means collides or conflicts with concepts and positions of a family orientated policy, on the contrary. It is the family that is the indispensable place where people stand up and take responsibility for each other....’

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