COFACE Families Europe Strategic Framework 2021-2030

'We want to shape a healthy society, environment, and economy fit for all families of today'

COFACE says:

In an open and democratic discussion process with COFACE members we defined  our focus, our goals, dreams, and intentions for the coming years.

The main outcomes we want to achieve and which drive our agenda and provide an intentional framework for all our actions throughout the year are captured in the word Families.

Families play an essential role in our societies. In so many fields the solution starts at home. Policy-makers should capture the breadth of the relationship between family and society as a whole, including the economy, and recognise families as a “natural social safety net” and the “core” economy.

All families of today should have equal opportunities. The wide diversity of families needs to be recognised and supported with a special focus on one parent families, large families, families of persons with disabilities, rainbow families, migrant families and families in vulnerable situations.

Mainstream the family dimension in society and in policies beyond social policy, and modernise and rethink family policy to drive real change.

Invest in child and family well-being. Children will thrive if their family thrives and if the whole society cares enough to provide for them. European and national policies must therefore put children and their families first and ensure adequate and quality support through a systemic two-generation approach based on the interrelated well-being of children and their parents.

Life-course approach. Families of all ages must be supported in our fast-changing society to find a good work-life balance in family-friendly workplaces.

Intergenerational solidarity and Inclusion for all. We embrace the value of inclusive education and societies and tackle poverty and exclusion of families and their members.

Economy and financial sector at the service of society. The economic system needs to serve society and families and shift towards a “caring economy” with a full recognition of the important role of the family carer and the improvement of their social protection.

Sustainable and strong social policies. The European Pillar of Social Rights needs to deliver quality and impactful outputs for Europe’s families.


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