A journey to the dark side of wi-fi

Editorial: Billions of people enjoy wi-fi gadgets at work, at home and at play.

Some become obsessed with the small screens, oblivious to the people around them and very unpleasant to be with.

Children and young people in school and college work and play in wi-fi radiation whether they like it or not.

Millions of people suffer ES – electro-sensitivity. Symptoms can include: headaches; sleep disruption; lethargy; miscarriages; depression; redness or burning on face and arms; concentration and memory problems; muscle and joint pain; cardiac palpitations; fatigue; irritability; erratic high blood pressure. (List adapted from ES-UK leaflet.)

My symptoms, when I get a wi-fi overdose, include loss of ability to think clearly, bad temper and strange sleep sensations.

What can help?

Keep your exposure to the absolute minimum. Reduce exposure in your bedroom at night.

If you have symptoms as above and have not yet found a remedy, consider the possibility that wi-fi is a factor.

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Peter Limbrick

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