Seven good reasons for getting screens and radiation out of your Nursery. And a UK conference ‘Making Waves’

nurseryDear Nursery Staff and Parents,

There is growing concern all around the world about the downside of all the new gadgets. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give children a gadget-free nursery experience? Here are my seven reasons. You might have others.

- The Nursery will become a radiation-free zone for children and adults.

- Children will have a break from staring at screens and exposure to toxic radiation.

- Children will spend more time in healthy play and natural socialising.

- Development and learning will be enhanced as children bring their whole bodies and minds into Nursery activity.

- The new policy will give opportunities for staff and parents to discuss issues around radiation and screen time.

- Parents and staff might reconsider how they use these gadgets at home.

- Staff will have a welcome break from technology as they leave their gadgets at home or in their car.

Of course, the Nursery office will have to be radiation free too. This is not a problem because laptops can have Ethernet cables instead of wi-fi connections and phones can be on land lines – but not DECT phones, though! (The Interconnections office has international reach and is radiation free. It works perfectly.)

Cartoon from TAC Bulletin Issue 2017:




Making Waves Conference, May 2018 UK, with Dr Carlo, Professor Johansson and Dr. Panagopoulos - about people affected by EMF / WiFi radiation

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