Lost in the disabled infant therapy circus? Have you read Blue Sky July?

This essay of 2011 is from the TAC Bulletin archive – but still very relevant

This essay by Peter Limbrick includes a review of Blue Sky July by Nia Wyn and comments:

“There is much talk of miracles. Nia Wyn's mission is to battle against impossible odds to heal him.

“And battle she does. My quick tally of the interventions indicates physiotherapist, speech therapist, medication for epilepsy, 'doctor at the eye clinic', sensory rooms, 'oxygen tanks', patterning, Reiki, cranial osteopath, muscle tapping (all in Joe's first year), and then a private Peto-trained conductor (who helps with the patterning!), music therapy, Steiner nursery, massage, 'rocking' therapy, a 'second skin', botox, and faith healing. I hear workers in the field, from nursery nurses to neurologists tut-tutting at this 'mum' who is 'in denial' and 'out to get every treatment she can get'. Those who are quick to judge might find themselves doing much the same in a similar situation....”

Read the essay: http://www.tacinterconnections.com/index.php/allnews/commentopinion/430-lost-in-the-disabled-infant-therapy-circus

Peter Limbrick, July 2020

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