Early Childhood Intervention without Tears – London UK Seminar, May 2019. Free places for parents (This can come to your venue)

fragbabysmall80For people passionate for improved services without making extra work

This seminar series, led by Peter Limbrick, concerns babies and preschool children who have very special needs and a multifaceted condition (two or more diagnoses of physical, sensory, learning, etc. conditions).

The seminar theme is that these young children, their parents and their practitioners deserve a better deal.

Peter has supported early childhood intervention in many countries building on his Team Around the Child approach (TAC). The seminar will refer to his three most recent books:

Early Childhood Intervention without Tears: Improved support for infants with disabilities and their families (2017)

Primary Interventionists in the Team Around the Child Approach: A guide for managers and practitioners supporting families whose baby or infant has a multifaceted condition (2018)*

Bringing up babies and infants who have very special needs: An up-to-date guide for parents, students and practitioners (scheduled for spring 2019)


The seminar series is relevant to parents and other family members, practitioners in health, education and social services, service managers, academics and students. The seminar is timed so that parents can attend.

Discussions will be informal and will respond to participants’ interest. They are likely to include the questions:

Do early childhood intervention services interfere with child-parent attachment?

Do they add to parents’ tiredness, stress and strain?

Should services take more account of children’s rights and quality of life?

Can we drop the damaging assumption that a child’s multiple diagnoses require multiple practitioners for development and learning?

- and then take pressure off children, families and overloaded practitioners?

Date: 1st May 2019

Venue: Race Equality Foundation, 27 Greenwood Pl, London NW5 1LB

Times: 11 am to 2 pm. Food not provided, bring snacks if you wish. The times are intended to help parents of children who have very special needs attend. Babies welcome too.

Cost: £50.

Students and others can apply for a discount.

The seminar is free for unwaged parents of children who have very special needs.

*Each participant will receive a free copy of the essay ‘Primary Interventionists’.

Peter is happy to continue discussions with participants after the date of the seminar.

We can answer your questions and send further information / booking form by e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This seminar can come to your team at low cost. Please let me know which region / country you are in.

Peter Limbrick


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