Two seminars in Bury, Greater Manchester, UK with Peter Limbrick. June 2019

The seminars will respond to the repeated message from UK parents that they suffer most frustration and stress from the way services are delivered and not so much from their child’s disabilities

These seminars on13th and 20th June are in support of people in Bury who are passionate about early child and family support – wanting children with disabilities and their families to be offered the most effective support possible within current resources. They are for parents, practitioners and managers. We will discuss:

  • early intervention for the child that nurtures attachment, reduces anxiety and promotes quality of life
  • constructive approaches to parents’ stress, exhaustion and depression – helping them maintain a quality of life for themselves and their family
  • possibilities for reducing practitioners’ stress and exhaustion by rationalising their pattern of interventions for each child.

The seminars will offer the Team Around the Child approach (TAC) as a structure for service development. This is designed for babies and pre-school children who have more than one diagnosis with some combination of sensory, physical, learning and behavioural challenges. Each child’s TAC brings parents and key practitioners together for joint working towards an agreed unified plan of action for the child’s learning and development. This is a holistic approach that co-locates practitioners around each child regardless of which agency they come from.

The seminar will be facilitated informally by Peter Limbrick with a mix of plenary presentations and discussion groups. It will be a joint-working exercise to bring together everyone’s knowledge, experience and expertise. We will identify local good practice as the place to start.

For further information and to book a place, contact: BURY2GETHER This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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