Systematic review of tools to measure outcomes for young children with autism spectrum disorder - Report from SPRU

A systematic review of tools and outcome measures used on children up to the age of six years with autistic spectrum disorders. The team sought to identify outcome areas regarded as important by the children and their parents. 

The research collaboration included ASD experts and review methodologists. The review design and process was informed throughout by consultation with stakeholders including parents, young people with ASD, clinicians and researchers.

The research found that there is little evidence that the identified tools would be good at detecting change in intervention studies, which is a concern.

As well as this they found gaps in available outcome measurement, including well-being and participation outcomes for children, and family quality-of-life outcomes.

These were aspects that were particularly valued by young people with ASD and their parents. Recommendations for future research are made in the report.

To download the report, summary and scientific summary please follow this link:


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