Three new books from Interconnections – one about improved ECI and two about continence

Early Childhood Intervention without Tears: Improved support for infants with disabilities and their families, by Peter Limbrick (2017). Available from Interconnections at £22.

Early childhood intervention services for babies and infants with disabilities have evolved with two in-built assumptions:  

· Disabled infants can be treated very differently from typically developing infants

· Families must accept exhaustion and stress, often to the point of family breakdown 

Peter Limbrick argues that both of these assumptions are wrong.

This book describes an approach that supports families in finding a workable balance between interventions for the infant and quality of life for the whole family.

Early intervention teams are invited to look afresh at how their work impacts on parent-infant attachment and on the family’s journey to a new version of liveable family life.


Bobby can use the toilet. By Charmaine Champ (2016). Available from Interconnections at £12.

This is a social story with clear text and illustrations to help children learn to use the toilet at home or at school. The story of Bobby is intended to be used as part of a child’s toileting routine and read by a parent or carer with the child. There is a pull-out summary chart to be used as a visual timetable Pages are wipe-able for use in the toileting area.


Bowel & Bladder Assessment Pack: A guide for carers and professionals helping children and young people with a learning disability, physical disability, autism or complex needs to be successful with toileting. By Charmaine Champ (2016). Available from Interconnections at £18.

Some children and teenagers with a learning disability, physical disability, autism or complex needs remain incontinent of the bowel and bladder.

This has a serious impact on their self-esteem and on social and play activities.  For parents and carers at home or in school there are added time pressures, increased physical demands and very significant costs.

With her understanding of the many factors that can hinder toileting success at any age, Charmaine Champ has developed the Bowel & Bladder Assessment Pack. This enables a comprehensive whole-child assessment, gathering all relevant information and ensuring all aspects of a child's continence needs are considered and addressed.


There is more information here about the Interconnections continence initiative and about Charmaine Champ, our continence consultant and trainer.


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