Interconnections Publications List

Early Childhood Intervention without Tears: Improving support for infants with disabilities (2017) by Peter Limbrick. £22.00 {A strengthened Team Around the Child approach to help parent-child attachment, give children increased respect and promote families’ quality of life.}

Caring Activism: A 21st century concept of care (2016) by peter Limbrick. £12.99 {A proposal for citizens to join together to support vulnerable children, teenagers, adults and elderly people in austerity.}

Bowel & Bladder Assessment Pack (2016) by Charmaine Champ. £18.00 {A guide for helping children with disabilities use the toilet.}

Bobby can use the toilet (2016) by Charmaine Champ. £12.00 {A social story to help children learn to use the toilet}

Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical World: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment (2012) by Peter Limbrick. £12.95 {Support for managers in designing integrated services for people of any age who need joined-up interventions.}

An Interview with Professor Hilton Davis (2011) edited by Peter Limbrick. £7.95

TAC for the 21st Century: Nine essays on Team Around the Child (2009) by Peter Limbrick.

£19.95 {All essays by Peter Limbrick.}

Family-centred Support for Children with Disabilities and Special Needs: A collection of essays (2007) edited by Peter Limbrick. £17.50 {Essays by various writers including Professor Hilton Davis, Dr Penny Lacey, Barry Carpenter and Peter Limbrick.}

Early Support for Children with Complex Needs: Team Around the Child and the Multi-agency Keyworker (2004) by Peter Limbrick. £14.95

An Integrated Pathway for Assessment and Support: For children with complex needs and their families (2003) by Peter Limbrick. £12.95

The Team Around the Child: Multi-agency service co-ordination for children with complex needs and their families (2001) by Peter Limbrick. £9.95

The Keyworker: a practical guide (2001) by Gudrun Limbrick Spencer. £16.00

Parents’ support needs: The views of parents of children with complex needs (2000) by Gudrun Limbrick-Spencer. £10.00 * {Presenting the results of the UK SOFTY Survey – Support over first two years.}

When the Bough Breaks: An independent survey into families’ perceptions of the One Hundred Hours model of service (1994) by Sheila West BA CQSW. £10.00 *

Listening to Parents: A tool for services developing a keyworker model of family support (1999) by Gudrun Spencer. £10.00 * {(This is a second user-survey of One Hundred Hours client families.}


* These books are out of print now and are offered as photocopies on 100g A4 paper with card covers, without colour and with a plastic binder.

A discount can be offered for multiple copies of a single book and for sets of books of various titles.

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