Book. Intellectual Disability and Stigma: Stepping Out from the Margins. Editors - Scior & Werner

From Palgrave website: This book examines how intellectual disability is affected by stigma and how this stigma has developed. Around two per cent of the world's population have an intellectual disability but their low visibility in many places bears witness to their continuing exclusion from society.

This prejudice has an impact on the family of those with an intellectual disability as well as the individual themselves and affects the well-being and life chances of all those involved. This book provides a framework for tackling intellectual disability stigma in institutional processes, media representations and other, less overt, settings. It also highlights the anti-stigma interventions which are already in place and the central role that self-advocacy must play. 

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Peter Limbrick writes: This theme of low visibility and low ranking links to: ‘These are our children’ – yet another review asking another government for another set of reforms. Caring Activism offers another way



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