The Keyworker: a practical guide (in family support)

By Gudrun Limbrick-Spencer BA (Hons) Oxon MA (Bham) 2001


This guide provides a comprehensive description of the practicalities of providing a keyworker service for the families of children who have a disability. The model and its rationale are explained and case studies illustrate how it can be put into practice.

One Hundred Hours, an independent agency in West Yorkshire developed and used the keyworker model throughout the 1990s. The Keyworker includes a comprehensive evaluation of the model in action from the perspective of parents who used it.

Comprehensive protocols, developed over a ten-year period, detail how an effective keyworker service is provided from the initial meeting with a family, including reviews and key documentation.




The Keyworker is an essential guide for any service wishing to offer effective family support through the keyworker model. It has been written for service planners, managers and keyworkers, whether a keywoker model is already in place or in the planning stages.


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