Sustained decline in rate and severity of cerebral palsy, collaborative research partnership reveals

'a sustained decrease of around 40% from just twenty years ago'

The 2023 Australian Cerebral Palsy Register (ACPR) Report has been launched today by the Honourable Bill Shorten MP, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Government Services. 

Analysing data from almost 11,000 children with cerebral palsy (CP) in every state and territory, researchers found that the rate of CP has fallen to 1.5/1,000 live births – the lowest in the world. 

This means that one in 700 children in Australia are born with CP, a sustained decrease of around 40% from just twenty years ago, when one in 400 children were born with CP. 

While Australia is a world leader in the reduction of CP, it remains the most common physical disability in childhood. As a lifelong condition, tailored and targeted supports are essential for both children and adults with CP to achieve the best possible outcomes. The latest ACPR Report contributes vital new understanding of the rate and severity of CP to enable service planning....

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