Interconnections 2-Day Sleep Workshop in March 2020, UK - Evaluation

These courses are offered by Interconnections and facilitated by Dr Julie Sutton.

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Evaluation by Delegates


A. Overall evaluation

(Calculated by number of responses ticked by participants, some boxes were not ticked at all, just left blank)

Delegates (14 in number) could tick ‘Strongly agree’, ‘Agree’, ‘Neutral’, ‘Disagree’, or ‘Strongly disagree’ to the following statements:

The agenda of the training was clearly outlined.     Strongly agree – 14

The topics covered were relevant to me.     Strongly agree – 13. Agree 1.

The content was organised and easy to follow.     Strongly agree – 14.

The materials distributed were helpful.     Strongly agree – 12. Agree 2.

This training experience will be useful in my work.     Strongly agree – 11. Agree – 3.

The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topic.     Strongly agree – 14.

The time allotted for the training was sufficient.     Strongly agree – 11. Agree – 3.


B. Answers to questions


1. What did you like most about this training?

Very engaging, good to have strategies that you can support families to implement.

Further understanding of different sleep issues, interventions, assessment and advice given. I feel more able to support families in this.

Details of interventions, Case examples.

I enjoyed learning about the practical behavioural interventions.  It has been useful hearing all of Julie’s tips and tricks.

New information about sleep that I had not previously know about. Behavioural interventions were really interesting and psychoeducation which I feel we can take away and use as part of clinical practice.

Learning about the different levels of sleep and the practical guide to better quality sleep to sleep hygiene.

How relatable it was to practice and how useful it was to my role.

Theory and information around sleep cycles, different types of sleep (NREM, REM & partial awakening). Reference list & evidence based info.  Case studies and group work.

Hearing how strategies had impacted in real life.

Tutor knowledge on subject.

Understanding different stages of sleep. Sleep hygiene information. Looking at sleep assessments. Focusing just on ‘sleep’.

In-depth knowledge with regards to sleep stages. Lots of different approaches to suit different families.

Lovely venue, clear agenda, helpful resources, interesting discussions, good balance of theoretical knowledge and group tasks, information was really well presented.

Well presented, good information and practical tips.

Gaining further knowledge of different sleep disorders and the causes and information regarding sleep cycles.

Gave a better understanding of sleep and the problem. Interventions – that even though I had done in a previous basis sleep course hadn’t covered.

Recap of typical sleep information and tools/assessments that can be used. Information regarding specific sleep difficulties/disorders.

Variety of activities throughout, i.e. group discussions. Variety of professionals present, useful to hear different perspectives.

Thorough account of what might cause problematic sleep with good references to literature. Very much improved my understanding. Well informed, personable trainer.


2. What aspects of the training could be improved?

Nothing, good balance between information giving and interactive activities.

Nothing specific to improve however I like the use of case examples and studies which could be used more.

A copy of slides would have been useful. Temperature in room.

I would have enjoyed more group work as I think these opportunities really enriched discussion.

I would have enjoyed more interaction – the room was hot at times and made me feel sleepy, so more active, movement activities.

Maybe less ice breaking.

Day 2 – a lot of morning stuff on presentation wasn’t in handout and wasn’t aware so I didn’t make notes.

Didn’t think the group activities were hugely beneficial.

Was all excellent!

Maybe some more parent/carer video clips before/during after intervention.

None – really enjoy it.


3. How do you hope this training could influence your work?

It will help to put more emphasis on the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene.

Hopefully I will be able to use the assessments and advice to work with families around sleep issues.  Time and resources can however be a factor in social work restricting this.

Give idea for workshops. Provide interventions for families.

I think this training has really information my knowledge and I hope our new Helping Hands service may offer sleep workshops and training to other professionals.

I feel it can definitely be used in my clinical practice and possible for new Helping Hands project

I will be able to advise families using the knowledge I have gained. Also in my supervision → recommending awareness sleep programmes for our parents.

I feel that I now have a more solid evidence base for sleep work with families. I feel better equipped to assess and implement strategies in relation to sleep.  I will definitely use the tools provided and knowledge gained to inform my practice.

Improved knowledge of sleep and helpful interventions that could be utilised within my role.

A lot – support with sleep training.

Giving families more theoretical knowledge of what is happening when their child is having disturbed sleep.

It will allow me to be more confident and knowledgeable in supporting children and their families around sleep issue and how to work through these.  I feel I have more information in my toolkit of help!

Sleep is an issue raised a lot in my day to day role and now I have a much better understanding of sleep issues and tools that can help both children and families.

Definitely in terms of support and advice, we offer parents.  Adding to what we already do.  Use of the detailed sleep assessment before making recommendations.

I will be more aware of the causes of non-sleeping and incorporate these when undertaking assessments

Hope that for children with severe sleep problems that have an impact on their development, it will now be worth addressing those sleep issues in the hope of improving development.

To be able to support parents with a tough/emotive area of daily life, to put the assessments into practice, and to hopefully celebrate changes.

Advice to parents. Having evidence to back up this advice → give examples of how it works.

I will consider sleep more carefully when thinking about a formulation around a child’s needs and behaviour.

I will use the psychoeducation aspects in conversations with parents and schools.


4. Any other general comments

Interesting evidence based training, thank you.

It has been really enjoyable! Thank you.

Excellent training!

This training has been very beneficial as prior to this I did not feel equipped to work on sleep despite having some referrals for it.  It has strong links with behavioural interventions and I have definitely built on my knowledge and understanding. Thank you.

Really enjoyed!!

Enjoyed the course – very useful.

Enjoyed the course – very relevant to practice.

Very enjoyable 2 days, learnt some great knowledge and practical skills that I hope to utilise within my role – thank you!

Thank you!

Great course, very informative!

I really enjoyed the course.  It was very helpful ‘whole child’ focus. I welcomed how it had a specialist lens of children within the developmental disabilities as this is an under researched area.












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