Training to be a local leader in early child and family support - of interest to practitioners who have become unemployed

Interconnections welcomes expressions of interest from people in any country who want to develop and improve early child and family support in their locality

‘Early child and family support’ is Interconnections' updated term for early childhood intervention (ECI). The focus is babies and pre-school children who have significant challenges to their development and learning for whatever reason.

There are three online training courses:

Course A: 

For self-employed practitioners. This might include people who have been made redundant, whose employing organisation has closed down or people who want to change to self-employment. This can include people running or setting up a not-for-profit organisation.

[Course B: For practitioners in employment who will be representative of their employing agency. Details on request.

Course C: For practitioners and family members working together in the spirit of co-production. Details on request.]


Course A

The training is at-a-distance with Peter Limbrick as the sole trainer and mentor as trainees develop new self-employed work over a period of time. His support will respond to the individual needs of each trainee in the overlapping phases:

  • Identifying in broad terms the priority needs of the children and families on their patch. This will form the vision that shapes new work that is relevant to local conditions and resources.
  • Making an action plan to launch into this new work.
  • Promoting this new work to relevant people and agencies to gain their support
  • Establishing or improving local early child and family support systems to move towards the vision.

The knowledge, experience and ideas of each trainee shapes the training at all stages and the pace is set by the trainee. This new work is with service providers rather than directly with children and families. Expected outcomes include:

  • New or improved early child and family support in the trainee’s locality.
  • New self-employed work for the trainee over a lasting period of time.
  • The trainee becoming a prominent local leader in early child and family support.


Costs for Course A

The costs for 2022 will vary according to the locality’s economy (low, medium or high) and the size of the locality. This will usually be between £250 and £950. People without funds can ask for special arrangements. Instalments can be arranged. The training will require no travel or accommodation costs. Selected books will be provided at no cost.

It is good when people can train and work with others rather than on their own. If a close group of two or three people take the training together for the same locality, then the total cost is as for one person plus 25% for each of the others.

If this interests you, please get in touch in confidence and with no obligation. It would be good to know which locality and country you are in and what work or family experience you have in this field.

Peter Limbrick, Principal, Interconnections, UK

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please forward this to people you know who are recently made redundant

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