Training and support to put team around the child (TAC) into your locality

I hope that one day soon there will be an early child and family support system in every part of every country

- for families whose baby or infant has significant challenges to development and learning.

So that this early support can be fully integrated and effective, each family can be offered a locally relevant version of the team around the child (TAC) approach. But TAC is not just one shape. It has to be adapted to fit each locality because:

  • Each locality has its own culture, language and ways of bringing up children
  • Each population of children and families is different
  • Each locality’s workforce is unique in its make-up, skill-levels and ambitions
  • Each locality will have its own economic level – high, medium or low

When there are two or more practitioners around a child and family, TAC brings them together with parents to make a supportive team in which everyone supports each other. They then agree a plan of action to support the child and family within the available resources.

TAC uses a whole approach that avoids treating a child in bits and brings all elements of family support into a sensible whole. Parents are helped to learn the skills they need for bringing up their child.

Does this interest you in your locality and country? Please get in touch to learn more and see what the online training and support involves. Costs are modest and planned to fit the local economy. If a group of two or three people take the training, the 2nd and 3rd person pay only 25% of the full cost.

Peter Limbrick

Interconnections, UK

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