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Three recent books by Peter Limbrick and how to order them.. PDF versions available electronically


1. Early Child and Family Support Principles and Prospects: For parents and practitioners impatient for change

This book is about support for families whose new child has significant challenges to development and learning. Key messages:

  • These families are an oppressed minority group unable to fight for their rights without help
  • These children and their families deserve the best possible quality of life
  • The task of parents is to bring up their children, practitioners’ task is to help them when they ask
  • Helping a new child develop and learn is primarily an education issue
  • Regular support is best offered at home and in community education settings rather than in hospitals
  • Most families will benefit from a locally relevant version of team around the child (TAC)
  • Early support practitioners should be treated as a unified workforce and part of a collective effort
  • Local early support task forces could help improve local systems and work to counter oppression

Published by Interconnections 2022. ISBN: 978-0-9576601-9-9

81 pages. 16cm x 22cm.Perfect bound. £15.00


2. Integration made possible: A practical manual for joint working – multiagency, multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary

This manual will help you: 

  • understand the issues around integration
  • plan projects to promote integration for service users
  • write undergraduate courses and design research projects
  • write funding applications for local projects and research

The Manual brings co-production, person-centred practice and a firm evidence base into planning joint working.

Published by Interconnections 2020. ISBN: 978-0-9576601-7-5

130 pages. A4. Spiral bound (to facilitate photocopying). £30.00


3. Bringing up babies and young children who have very special needs: A 21st century guide for parents, students and new practitioners

This book is about support children and families might need. It contrasts effective 21st century support with approaches that are out-of-date and, at worst, insensitive and institutional. Peter describes three essential pillars of effective support:

  • Health: for the child’s survival and freedom from pain
  • Education: for the child’s understanding, skills and wellbeing
  • Family support: for the family’s resilience and quality of life

Peter tells us there is no time to waste and roles are very clear: Parents’ role is to bring up their children. The role of therapists, teachers and other practitioners is to help them. Even so, many parents have to go into battle to get what they need.

Published by Interconnections 2019. ISBN: 978-0-9576601-6-8

102 pages. 18.5cm x 26cm.Perfect bound. £14.75


All available from Interconnections and posted from the UK.

PDF versions available electroniocally

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